How to Remove Door Knob without Screws, Latch, or Slot

Most expensive door knobs come with hidden screws, making them look like they have no screws as a form of attachment to the door. When you get around to removing a door knob with no screws, you need intricate skills to avoid damaging the knob or the finish of the door.

It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. With the right pointers, you will have your door knob free. The following tips will help you along the way until your project is complete.

Door Knob Removal Requirements

  • A straightened paper clip
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Allen wrench set
  • Phillips screwdriver
How to Remove Door Knob without Latch

5 Steps to Remove Door Knob without Screws

  1. The first step is to remove the handle by looking for a tiny hole at the neck of the knob. Push the spot or use an appropriate screwdriver to unscrew the small screw inside. If there is no screw insight, push a straightened paper clip into the hole and gently pull the handle.
  2. The second step involves removing the handle. Use the appropriate screwdriver size to make sure you don’t pose any damage to the hardware. Ensure you are holding the door knob to prevent it from falling to the ground.
  3. In the third step, work on disconnecting the cover plate. You can use a screwdriver to wedge between the cover plate and the plate with the hidden screws. Rotate the cover plate counter-clockwise until it becomes loose. You are now free to unscrew the hidden screws.
  4. In the fourth step, your Allen wrench set comes in handy. Now that everything is exposed, it’s time to remove the hex-head screws. You can choose the wrench size that will fit in the hole so you can remove all the screws. If you use the same hardware again, make sure to keep everything in good condition. If you want to replace the door knob or polish it, make sure it doesn’t fall to avoid dents.
  5. The fifth step is to remove the part of the door knob that is still attached to the door. This step is more straightforward because the whole attachment would become loose once you remove all the screws. 

Other Ways to Remove a Door Knob without a Latch

While removing door knobs without screws, latches, or slots might apply the same principles, there are a few differences. If you want to remove a door knob without a latch, look for a slot along the knob’s neck. The space might be a tiny hole for which you will use a straightened paper clip to spring it.

Once it springs, make sure you hold the door handle and pull it gently. It will come loose. Since there is no latch that you can control, a paper clip is beneficial when trying to get into the tiny hole at the side of the door knob. From there, proceed as above to remove the door knob.

Just because it doesn’t have apparent slots, don’t despair. Follow the above steps, and your door knob will be accessible in good time.

Doors with smart locks might require a different tactic. If you are removing a door knob from a smart lock, try disconnecting from the outside knob. Identify a place on the knob where you can wedge between the door knob and the one on the door. Disconnect and once the lever inside is exposed, push it down.

It is that easy to do.

How to Remove Door Knob without Slot

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you start working on your door knob, make sure you know what kind of door knob it is. This is because you might damage your door knob if you don’t know how to work it. If you are unsure, ask to avoid damages where otherwise, you wouldn’t have any.

During the process, keep in mind to handle everything with care. Doors with invisible screws tend to cost more than traditional door knobs. Practice some patience and take care. It will be over if you pay attention and effort to your project.


With proper guidance, no home improvement project should overwhelm you. Whatever kind of lock you have, whether, with visible or invisible screws, there is always a way to remove that door knob.

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