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Sliding doors make our apartments more stylish and modern. They take little space and are easy in use. The house and flat look more attractive and modern due to them. Slide doors are used, as a rule, as screen doors, mirror doors, shower doors, glass doors in vans, and wardrobe doors. Sometimes sliding doors need repair. They get sticky, the track becomes dirty, and the wheels, locking device, sliding door gear, and a doorstop break.

Thieves adore slide doors due to their simple latches and glassy construction which can be easily broken and dislocated. Manufacturers often use easy to pick locks because heavy and more reliable locks (like some deadbolts, mortise locks, Jimmy proof deadbolts, etc.) are difficult for sliding doors installation. Robbery often takes place in houses where sliding doors are used as a back and side door or a patio door. Side and patio doors are chosen in many cases because there can be no witnesses. The valuable things, which attract thieves, are visible due to the glass. It provokes robbers to commit crimes.

How to Order Rapid Sliding Door Repair Service

Sliding doors are so popular that it’s hard to imagine contemporary apartments without them. They join one room with another. They are a part of our furniture. They let us take a shower with pleasure avoiding water splash and abnormal moisture in the bathroom. Automatic sliding doors are widely used in shops and offices.

Imagine that you have to refuse from a shower because of sliding doors which don’t close properly or are stuck. Do you want to suffer from draught and cold because of broken glass? What will you do in case your child fall into the trap because of damaged locking device or sliding door gear?

Our skilled team of professionals is ready to help you cope with these and other problems any time you need. What is required? Here is the instruction that will help you to arrange everything quickly:

  • Find us on the Internet and learn the information about sliding door repair from the website or online consultants
  • Inform our locksmiths about the problem you have in details because we must evaluate the damage and tell you the price and time of repair or replacement
  • If you cannot find out the defect, our representative will come to your place for troubleshooting
  • If sliding doors restoration, repair or installation cannot be done immediately, we’ll suggest making a plan and fixing a date. You won’t have to change your plans because we’ll try to adjust to your requirements.
  • Our team can fix your problem within few hours or days depending on the amount of work that must be done.
  • You pay our service and forget about the trouble.

If you like our work or want to advise something to us, please, write your feedback. We’ll do our best to improve our service and make your sliding doors work perfectly.

Service Information

Sliding door repair includes:

  • Glass replacement
  • Latch mechanism repair
  • Sliding door gear repair
  • Locking device fixing
  • Doorstop break repair
  • Tracks repair
  • Design and security improvement

We also offer sliding windows track and roller repairs, maintenance and alignment of sliding doors details.

We deal not only with sliding door rollers, pocket doors, patio doors, screen doors, bi-fold sliding doors, but also with other types of doors, like emergency doors, commercial doors, installation doors, and residential doors repair.

Our Definite Advantage over Other Sliding Door Repair Companies

Our clients have entrusted the security of their apartments because we:

  • Have individual approach to each client
  • Improve our service daily
  • Work round-the-clock 365 days a year
  • Offer free online consultation
  • Guarantee lifetime warranty
  • Take into consideration your wishes
  • Use high-quality equipment and materials
  • Employ reliable and responsible professionals who are always on the alert and need not more than 20 minutes to come to your place
  • Have attentive and polite online consultants
  • Offer flexible payment options
  • Give your money back if our team doesn’t meet your expectations
  • Have discounts and special offers for regular customers

We value our reputation and trust of our clients!

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